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Embedded Linux Yocto Weekend Course

Introduction to embedded Linux build systems What is a build system List of build systems Benefits of build system Yocto Project and Poky Overview Yocto Project Overview The Yocto Project lexicon The Poky reference system overview Poky source tree Yocto project basic setup and build Environment setup Configuring the build Building an image Yocto project advanced usage Advanced configuration Packages variants Packages The power of BitBake Writing recipes - Basics Recipes – Overview Organization of a recipe Applying patches Examples of recipe Writing recipes - Advanced Extending a recipe Append file example Advanced recipe configuration Classes Binary packages BitBake file inclusions Layers Introduction to layers Creating layers BSP Layers Introduction Generating a new BSP layer Hardware configuration files Bootloader Kernel Distro Layers Overview Creating a distro layer Distribute the distribution I

Linux Device Drivers Weekend Course Syllabus

Linux Device Driver Programming =========================================== Prerequisites Should be proficient in Linux System programming Should have a Linux Machine on your PC/Laptop Course Highlights More practical with lot of examples after each topic Quiz at the end of the session to revise/overview of the class Notes plus examples codes used in the session will be shared Linux Tips and Tricks used by professionals in career No travelling/traffic as classes are online Recorded lectures will be provided if you miss any session Clarify your doubts in the session and afterwards. 1. Introduction What is Device Driver? Types of Device Drivers? Configuring, Compiling and Installing the latest kernel Commands: dmesg, insmod, modprobe, rmmod. 2. Character Device Drivers Major and Minor Numbers Registering Character Driver File operations: open, read, write, release, seek, ioctl Basic Character Device Driver 3. Advanced Character Drive