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Linux System Programming Weekend Course Syllabus

Linux System Programming ================================= Prerequisites Should be proficient in C programming Should have a Linux Machine on your PC/Laptop   Course Highlights More practical with lot of examples after each topic Quiz at the end of the session to revise/overview of the class Notes plus examples codes used in the session will be shared Linux Tips and Tricks used by professionals in career No travelling/traffic as classes are online Recorded lectures will be provided if you miss any session Clarify your doubts in the session and afterwards. Course Syllabus 1. Basics Linux File Structure Most Frequently used commands Compilation Steps 2. Libraries Static Libraries - Shared Libraries Linking To Libraries Run time linking load time linking 3. Debugging and Core Dumps gdb What are Core Dump Files? Producing Core Dumps Examining Core Dumps 4. Other Debugging Tools Valgrind Electric  Fence 5. Fundament